DC: P/J i remember everything

Lost/Dawson's Creek

01-23 Lost (4.05 The Constant + 1 misc. Des)
24-35 Evangeline Lilly/Elizabeth Mitchell
36-62 Dawson's Creek (4.01 Coming Home + a few misc P/J)
+ 08 Pacey/Joey banners
+ 02 DC group/friends only


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DC: Katie - happy x-)

random multi-fandom dump

Bit of a mixed bunch. A lot of these are challenge entries that have accumulated over the past few weeks. I tried a few different things with some of these as well, let me know what you think =)

001-015 Atonement
016-028 James McAvoy
029-043 Pirates of the Caribbean
044-054 Orlando Bloom
055-055 Elizabethtown
056-059 Sweeney Todd
060-060 Johnny Depp
061-062 Milo Ventimiglia
063-068 Rachel Bilson
069-100 Dawson's Creek Cast (Josh, Katie & Michelle)
101-114 QI quotes (contain some profanity)

Headers/Banners/Friends Only
06 Atonement
01 James McAvoy
02 Elizabethtown
01 Sweeney Todd
03 Dawson's Creek


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