DC: P/J coming home


Pimping my new community! After searching for an icontest for Elizabethtown and failing to come across an active one, I've decided to run one myself. In need of members so we can get the first challenge up and get the ball rolling =) Participation would be appreciated, as would further pimpage to anyone you know who may be interested in joining =)

Oh and I'm in need of banner makers and looking for affiliates!

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DC: P/J coming home

mood theme suggestions?

Ok so I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment and feel like making a mood theme. I've been thinking of doing a Highway theme for a while (for those not familiar it's this odd-ball road trip comedy type thing with Jake Gyllenhaal & Jared Leto in it). I was just wondering if people would be interested in that? Or maybe a 10 Things I Hate About You theme. Or if you have any other suggestions (granted it's a film I've heard of, like and/or have on dvd or could get good caps of - see I'm not picky =P). But yeah, suggest away  I thought I'd ask you lovely people who are watching the comm! For which I want to say thank you - 26 watchers at the moment =D